Melissa + Steve // South Frontenac Engagement

I’m not going to lie – engagement sessions are awkward for all three of us. Often times, I am a stranger hanging out with a couple essentially on a date, urging them to cuddle, kiss, or tell dirty jokes. When I met Melissa and Steve out near Loughborough Lake, north of Kingston, they were honest in their apprehension to doing the shoot. After a quick glass of wine, and a little ice breaking, we went for a walk. They were naturals.  

It’s my job to make the situation less awkward, find good light, and make good photos. But I can only do so much to ignite your passion and stir up the love. Good chemistry between the two subjects is critical for impactful photos. So couples: Be like Melissa and Steve. You are about to get hitched. Show some of that love. Get close. Smile. Kiss. Touch. And don’t mind the dude taking photos of you doing it! 🙂