Sunset Engagement Session in South Frontenac // Kayla + Rick

Hey You! Newly engaged Bride and/or Groom!

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Kayla and Rick had no idea what to expect. We had met once prior but this was it. Like EVERY couple anticipating their engagement session, they were nervous and self conscious. But we had a beer, went for a drive and explored the what a random road in South Frontenac had to offer. Truth be told, I did pre-scout a little on google maps. I had a very basic idea on where to go. I didn’t know the area but meh, there’s always somewhere. Good light always trumps good location. Well, we found some damn good spots and some good light.

Oh, Kayla and Rick had an awesome time. Engagement sessions are awkward – for me too. I, a stranger, tell you to kiss and show passion while snapping away. You just have to give in and not care. My job is to make you look damn good but that only works if you let your guard down and prove to each other that getting married is a fine idea. Get handsy. Kiss. Flirt. Tell dirty jokes. It’s a judgement free zone. That passion, love, and silliness come through in the photos. Kayla and Rick let their guard down, got handsy, and showed that getting married is very fine idea. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding.