Amherst Island Sunset Engagement

I have been to Amherst Island only once. It’s quiet. Real quiet. So on a beautiful August evening I took the ferry ride out to meet Sam and Ryan. They were a bit nervous to have their photos taken, but after some small talk and getting to know each other, the passion was flowing and we had a ton of fun. They were naturals. I could feel the love. I appreciated the PDA and their interaction was authentic and intimate. This is pure gold for photographers! We spent the evening exploring Ryan’s family’s property and we found ourselves on a deserted beach on the shores of a perfectly still Lake Ontario. The drive across the island and the ferry back to the mainland was the perfect way to unwind after the session. The quiet desolation of places like Amherst Island can be very refreshing for your mind and soul. Perfect weather. A vibrant sunset. Meeting new friends. Exploring new places. A great night for yours truly.